J2CC mission



Today the universities need to change their way of teaching and of operating. Simple methods like providing information do not work – we need to create a culture of management and cooperation that equip and nurture students’ and employees’ skills necessary for building a better world in the future. A modern Higher Education Institution has to create an educational experience that would help students to acquire or develop certain transversal competencies – competencies we at Ashoka call changemaker skills. These competencies should lead the students to be more responsible for their environment and create impact.

After the J2CC, thanks to extensive investment into the competencies of teachers, students under their guidance should:

  • Be ready to see their actions as a way to create common good for society
  • Be able to effectively work in various inclusive networks
  • Become entrepreneurial in all aspects of their life
  • Be ready to constantly learn and develop their empathy through respectful and responsible interactions

The J2CC is the answer to the challenges facing higher education in the 21st century and is a path to fulfil the so-called Universities' Third Mission.