J2CC Framework


Interviews, 1 day, Ashoka

Interviews with:

  • Senior management
  • Program’s leaders
  • Academic Staff
  • Students

Each interview lasts about 45 minutes.

Interviews are run by two people from Ashoka.

The format of the interview is a discussion with interviewers.


Training for Academic Staff, 3 days, Ashoka & University of Northampton

The goal of the training is to work on modules with the academic staff of the certificated institution. Teachers will be taught to design classes where students will learn about and practice key Changemaking skills: collaboration, acting for the common good (including empathy) and entrepreneurship.

The first two days of the program are located at the University of Northampton – the Changemaker Campus University – where the CAIeRO is delivered to academic staff (extra info about CAIeRO).

The third day is located at the institution seeking certification. It is led by Ashoka experts. The main goal of the workshop is to transfer the experiences from the University of Northampton to the home institution.

The workshop is designed for max. 10 persons.

The certification fee includes travel expenses, accommodation and the workshop.


Audit of documents, Ashoka

The goal is to look at the course syllabus and provide feedback on:

  • Learning Outcomes of the program and courses
  • Verification methods

The J2CC focuses on skills and social competences.


Preparation of the Self Development Report (SDR), 1 month, Ashoka’s Network

HEI is responsible for preparing a Self Development Report which should:

  • Assess the present situation of the program
  • Identify opportunities for the program
  • Design general results of the program
  • Prepare Key Performance Indicators for the results

The SDR should take on board the mission of the J2CC and develop an action plan customised to each institution.

The SDR is prepared with the support of Ashoka. The certification fee includes one month work with an Ashoka Fellow in Residence who has extensive experience in change management. The workload of the Fellow is negotiated with each institution. It may include:

  • Delivering host classes
  • Designing tools for effective change
  • Sharing best practices
  • Identifying which resources of Ashoka can be offered to the institution
  • Providing better knowledge about the Ashoka Network
  • [The list is not closed]


Certification visit, 2 days, 3 Academic Experts e.g.:
- from Ashoka Europe
- from Changemaker Campus University (e.g. UoN)

The main goal of the certification visit is to provide the certified educational institution feedback about the SDR. After conducting interviews on the first day of the program, Ashoka experts will provide two-hour sessions on the second day. These sessions are directed at senior management, program leaders, and academic staff involved in the program.

These activities should be implemented into the SDR of the certified program.


Final version of SDR, 1 day, Ashoka

To obtain the J2CC, the HEI has to sign an agreement with Ashoka which regulates the rights and obligations of both sides. The basis of this agreement is the SDR. With the J2CC label, the certified HEI has access to valuable resources in the Ashoka Network.


  • Steps: 1, 3, 6 repeated after 1, 3, 5 years.

The renewal will help an HEI in building out strong educational programming, which is one component of the Changemaker Campus selection process.


  • The Pre-certification stage – up to 6 months
  • The Certification stage – up to 3 months

The whole process should take 9 months.